LACHCOM is an interdisciplinary network working at the intersection of health discourse, communication and/or cultural studies.

The association was founded by Dr Stella Bullo, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) in association with Dr Dalia Magaña, University of California, Merced (USA) and Dr Mariana Pascual, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with the purpose of supporting the development of an international research culture by creating global networking and collaboration opportunities.

LACHCOM aims to provide a home for the dissemination of research, information and practice and further develop the research identity of the field. LACHCOM will also support and promote new researchers in the field at postgraduate and post-doctoral level. Our goal is to raise international and local awareness about health communication issues and source resources for research in these areas.

We welcome academic researchers, postgraduate researchers and early careers researchers as well as practitioners, artists and any other individuals or organisations who may wish to collaborate.